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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Measuring Biological Information is Impossible?

Yup I have been told that measuring biological information is impossible even though I have produced a process that allows you to do so.

1- Find a biologically functional system.

2- Find out what genes and other DNA sequences are involved to make that system

3- Count their nucleotides

4- Multiply by 2

What is so impossible about it?

Is it impossible to identify a functioning biological system?


Is it impossible to identify the genes responsible for the proteins and/or RNA products used?


Is it impossible to identify the regulatory network for those genes?


Is it impossible to count the nucleotides for the above?


Is it impossible to multiply by 2?


So what is so impossible about it?

And what is even more troubling is all of that is moot if the evotards could just start substantiating the claims of their position.

Then the claims of "CSI requires a designer" are false and that is that.

But the evotards can't support their position and they think their intellectual cowardice and ignorance can refute ID.


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