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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Shared mistakes as evidence of common ancestry?


From Peaceful Science:

"Shared mistakes as evidence of common ancestry"

Really? DNA doesn't determine biological form. Meaning that DNA doesn't determine the type of organism that will develop. So, using DNA to judge relationships between organisms that are not from the same Genus, is a fool's errand.

Who would think that a mistake would remain unchanged through generations of genetic changes? Where is that prediction? 

The alleged fusion of human chromosome 2 has been alleged to be an end-to-end chromosomal fusion. That would mean thousands of base pairs of 2 telomere sequences should be found somewhere in the newly formed HC2. Do we see that? No! We see a very degenerate telomere looking sequence there. Degenerate in the form of mere hundreds of base pairs. And this happened in fewer generations than we are talking about with these alleged shared mistakes.

What claims of universal common ancestry needs, but doesn't have, are mechanisms that can account for the anatomical and physiological DIFFERENCES observed between two allegedly related species such as chimps and humans.

Shared mistakes as evidence for common ancestry is nothing more than wishful thinking and confirmation bias.


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