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Thursday, December 09, 2021

SteveStory is Dead. But his Lies and Cowardice Live on!


SteveStory is dead. But when he was alive, he was just another liar and equivocating punk. He lies and equivocations appear to still be alive.

Look, asshole evos- ID is NOT anti-evolution. That means peer-reviewed papers on mere "evolution" do not mean they support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. According to Judge Jones if it doesn't explicitly say it, it doesn't support it.

What evos do, dishonestly, is to compare papers on mere evolution to papers on intelligent design. What they do NOT ever do is compare papers that support blind watchmaker evolution to papers that support ID. And the reason for that is the only papers that support blind watchmaker evolution are the papers on genetic diseases and physical deformities.

SteveStory may be dead. But his lies and equivocating cowardice are still going strong.


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