Thursday, December 23, 2021

Alan Fox is a Clueless Dolt


Yup. Alan Fox is a clueless dolt. He doesn't know jack about science and it shows.

Hypotheses and data, observing and experimenting to find better explanations with more predictive power, that is what science is always in the process of doing. 

There aren't any testable hypotheses with respect to evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. There aren't any experiments that support the claims of evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. The only predictions borne from evolution by means of blind and mindless processes are genetic diseases and deformities.

Next Alan proves he is ignorant of genetics:

Lamark was a bona fide scientist who did not have information about genetics and inheritance that we have today. Had he possessed that information (or some inkling of it) he could have been the icon we look back to rather than Charles Darwin.

All of the information we possess about genetics says it is impossible for differential accumulations of genetic mutations to produce the diversity of life. Had Darwin and Lamarck knew what we now know, they would have NEVER suggested what they did.

EvoTARDs are ignorant of genetics. They will NEVER say how a process that produces polypeptides also determines biological form. Yet that is their stupid belief.

Everything we now know about genetics and inheritance says that universal common descent is total bullshit. You just cannot get the diversity of life by tinkering with polypeptides. That process doesn't even determine cell type.

Alan Fox is proud to be an ignoramus.

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