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Friday, November 26, 2021

Adam & Eve vs. some unknown populations of quadrupeds/ knuckle-walkers


Clueless evos have a hissy fit every time Adam & Eve get mentioned as a possible founding couple for humans. Yet look at the untestable bullshit they propose-> namely that humans evolved from populations of non-humans, meaning quadrupeds/ knuckle-walkers.

There isn't any evidence nor a way to test the claim that humans evolved from knuckle-walkers/ quadrupeds. There aren't even any known mechanisms capable of producing the transformations required. I guess when you don't give a shit about science then you can get away with being an evolutionist.

One of the main complaints about Adam & Eve as founders of the human race is the genetic diversity observed. Evos don't seem to understand that an intelligently designed life would have the information and ability to adapt and evolve. Meaning evolution by means of intelligent design would be much faster than evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. Just look @ Dawkins' weasel program. Evos are too stupid to understand that. But then again, they don't give a shit about science.


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