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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Why Universal Common Descent is a FAILURE


Universal common descent is a complete failure for the simple reason there aren't any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing the diversity of life starting from some biologically relevant replicators.

Heck, there isn't even any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing eukaryotes, given starting populations of prokaryotes! Endosymbiosis doesn't help.

Given single-celled eukaryotes there isn't any naturalistic mechanism capable of producing metazoans!

Mechanisms determine patterns. So using patterns as evidence for "universal common descent" just proves that evos are desperate and ignorant.

There isn't even any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing the anatomical and physiological DIFFERENCES observed between two allegedly related species like chimps and humans!

The DNA model that differential accumulations of (random/ unguided) genetic change is total bullshit. DNA doesn't have the kind of power nor influence. 

So, here we have a mechanistic position that doesn't have a viable mechanism for doing what is claimed to have been done.

Bones are useless without articulated joints. Articulated joints are useless with ligaments, tendons and muscles. And muscles are useless without nerves. And nerves are useless without ions to create a potential difference. And the ions are useless without a way to get in and out of the nerves. And without existing, specialized neurotransmitters nerves are useless to the command center.

Evos don't have anything to account for that.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Mikkel Rumraket Repeats the Lie like a Fool


Mikkel Rumraket is a fool and a liar. He thinks there is some sort of genetic control. And he also thinks that evolution is an intelligent designer! That's the same bullshit lie that Darwin spewed in the 19th century.

The only way evolution could be an intelligent designer is if evolution was intelligently designed, as are genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms use telic processes to figure out solutions to specific processes.

There still isn't any evidence that evolution by means of blind and mindless processes, like natural selection, is a designer mimic. None. In over 150 years since Darwin first published his lies no one has been able to find any evidentiary support for them. And now we know the DNA model is a total failure!

Why do evoTARDs lie so much? Why do they think their lies are arguments? I guess that is why they only post on very protected forums. Their bullshit would never hold on an open forum.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dissect This, Felsenstein!


Joe Felsenstein is another clueless evoTARD. He spews:

I think it is now clearer that having a blog where arguments against evolutionary biology can be dissected and have their faults discussed continues to be important.

 Dissect this- there isn't a mechanism capable of producing the diversity of life starting with populations of prokaryotes. And I am comforted by the fact that you will never refute that claim.

Why can't differential accumulations of genetic accidents, errors and mistakes do it? Because DNA doesn't determine biological form. DNA only determines if the biological form will develop properly or not. DNA doesn't control how proteins fold nor how they are assembled. DNA is basically inert and would only fall apart if it wasn't for an existing suite of proteins and systems. It is not the magical controller evoTARDs think.

The point is Joe Felsenstein and his ilk need to start doing science and actually support their asinine claims with it. Produce arguments for evolutionary biology. Something more than variations within a population, please. We know that you can't but you should at least try.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Alan Fox is Still an Ignorant Ass and Coward


Alan Fox is such an ignorant ass and coward. He, and other evoTARDs, think that ID is dead. Yet ID offers the only scientific explanation for our existence! EvoTARDs can't even formulate a scientific theory of evolution! Evolutionary biologists don't even know what determines biological form.

Evolutionists have squandered over 150 years on a failed and unscientific concept!

Back to Alan Fox- this guy is a total lying loser. He is too chicken-shit to actually ante up and debate me on the which side has the science vs which side is full of shit. All he does is lie like the cowa5rdly bitch that he is. And when his lies are exposed all he does is censor you or run away to the safety of a site that doesn't allow objections.

Alan Fox is a pathetic waste of skin.

As for Kevin Middlebrook- anyone who says that ice is made of water is an imbecile who doesn't have any right to judge others. Anyone who claims to be a marine biologist and yet didn't know that a whale has a tail is too much of an imbecile to judge anyone. Kevin Middlebrook thinks that ice is made of water. Kevin has claimed to be a marine biologist but was ignorant of the whale's tail. And Kevin actually said that water becomes ice via some molecular code!

Kevin Middlebrook is another shit eating cowa5rd that is too afraid to ante up and have a debate on science.

Monday, October 11, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 and Intelligent Design


The clueless evoTARDs are at it, again. They want Dembski, or anyone, to identify that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was engineered.

 While this would have been the chance to demonstrate the strength of design detection (all sequences are available and IIRC he claimed to have appropriate tools) he of course evades the challenge.

Design detection would say that the virus was descended by modification from some originally intelligently designed viruses or hosts. There still isn't any evidence that nature can produce coded information and the virus contains enough of it to warrant the design inference. CSI is present.

That said, seeing that intelligent agencies can mimic nature we may not be able to tell if SARS-CoV-2 was engineered. It could just all be a coincidence that it started in a City with lab known for manipulating viruses to conduct gain-of-function research. The fact that neither the lab or the government of China is cooperating by providing full disclosure, doesn't make them look guilty at all.

And what you would need is the sequence of the virus from the original US patients at a minimum. After that it obviously mutated. Finding the virus that infected patient zero would be a huge help.