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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Venus and Clueless EvoTARDs


Venus has an atmosphere that is 96.5% CO2. On earth the atmospheric CO2 is 410 parts per million. But even with all of that CO2, the CO2 still only absorbs IR in the same 3 frequencies/ wavelengths. EDIT FOR CORRECTION- 2.7 micrometers is outside of the IR range. And 4.3 micrometers is right on the fringe. So only 15 micrometers is significant with respect to IR and CO2.

Its atmosphere is so dense the pressure on the surface of Venus is approximately that of being 3,000 underwater here. The pressure is a key. 

Its rotational speed is about 243 Earth days. Its revolution is about 224 earth days. Which means it is on a slow rotisserie mode with the Sun as its heat source.

And it is over 42 million kilometers closer to the Sun, on average, than the we are.


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