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Sunday, August 22, 2021

SteveStory- Still Proud to be a Clueless Asshole and Coward


SteveStory is just another loser gossip. It couldn't support the claims of evolutionism or materialism if its life depended on it. Like all materialists and evolutionist they do NOT understand science. To try to attack me stevie writes:

In other news, it’s fun to watch Joe try to lecture Bob about science, since Bob’s the one who’s the practicing scientist.

And yet anyone who accepts that blind and mindless processes not only produced life but also its diversity don't know jack about science! 

I don't care what Bob O'H allegedly practices. He has proven to be a dolt. He has proven to be a biased asshole. And he has proven that he cannot scientifically support the claims of the position he promotes.

SteveStory is the faggot who had to ban me from the swamp because I was exposing those evoTARDs for the ignorant cowards that they are.



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