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Monday, August 23, 2021

SteveStory and Kevin Middlebrook Double Down on their Nonsense


Very predictable. Now stevie the loser says:

I wonder who’s published more in the last 12 months, Bob, or the entire ID movement in their own journal?

It is a given that Bob has never published any papers that support the claims of materialism nor evolutionism. No one has. So why is stevie such an anti-science gossip?

By the way, stevie, I am not a fan of the NBA. And your desperate false analogy just proves that you are a little anti-science gossip. Nicely done. And no way Bob O'H compares to Giannis. Bob's science would put him equal to the water boy in the NBA. Or maybe one of those people who wipe up the floor between plays.

Kevin chimes in with this lie:

What’s even more fun is watching closeted homosexual Joe’s moronic responses and quote mining of anyone who references him in a comment.

I didn't quote mine anyone. Clearly Kevin doesn't know what a quote mine is. And Kevin doesn't understand the concept of quoting someone in context. The concept of context eludes Kevin.

Kevin's projection is also duly noted. Kevin thinks the physics on Venus is different from the physics on earth. He also claims to be a marine biologist but denied that a whale has a tail. And to top it off he thinks that ice is made of, not from, water. If ice were made of water it would be a liquid.

One thing is certain- neither Bob O'H, Stevie nor Kevin will ever ante up and debate me on science- ID vs evolutionism. That says it all, really.


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