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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Neil Rickert: Just Say Anything


ID's opponents are either desperate or just full of shit. Over on the incorrectly named the skeptical  Neil Rickert says:

Two things I notice about ID proponents:

(1) They are very critical of materialism and very critical of mechanistic thinking;

(2) There own ID thinking is extremely materialistic and mechanistic.

1- Materialism is a failed philosophy. And ID is OK with mechanistic thinking. I have never read an IDist be critical of mechanistic thinking.

2-  The intelligently designed things are physical, material things

He goes on to say:

I agree with the broad principle, that biologican organisms are designed. But the ID proponents are forever looking at that as an external design with an external designer. We should, instead, be looking for internal design. Organisms are self-designed. Some of the design comes from the population and the parents. But a great deal of the design of the organism occurs during biological development.

 Really? "self-designed"? That's it? Just what the fuck designed said biological development? What the fuck self-designed the first cells? It couldn't have been internal.

Neil is one of the fools that thinks DNA is a magical molecule that guides and determines development.

ID proponents look for an external designer because our knowledge of cause and effect relationships demand it. The genetic code involves a coded information processing system. There isn't any evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems. There isn't even a way to test the claim that nature can. So the claim can be dismissed.

However, there is ONE and ONLY one known cause for producing coded information processing systems and that is via intelligent agency volition. So using our KNOWLEDGE of cause and effect relationships, in accordance with Newton's 4 Rules of Scientific Reasoning, we infer the genetic code was intelligently designed.

There isn't any evidence for Neil's self-designed organisms. 


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