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Monday, August 23, 2021

Kevin Middlebrook- Too Stupid to Understand English


Kevin Middlebrook, the alleged marine biologist who didn't know that a whale has a tale. The same guy who thought there was a molecular code that turns water into ice. The same chump who thinks that ice, a solid, is made of water, a liquid. Too bad 3rd grade grammar tells us that ice is made FROM water.

The point? Kevin is still stuck on the fact that frequency and wavelength are interchangeable. He is too stupid to understand that a synonym of interchangeable is equivalent. And in the end all he did was quote mine me to try to win some imaginary points with its imaginary friends.

Heck, this chump is so stupid he thought that when a radio or sound wave enters the water that it expands!

SteveStory is so sad that it once said that after a steak is cooked and removed from the heat, that just reflecting 4% of its radiated heat would cause said steak to heat up another 20 degrees! He is also just a punk equivocator. Clueless to the fact that the only papers that support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes are papers that discuss genetic diseases and deformities.

So I understand why these moron losers won't ante up and debate me on science- ID vs evolutionism.


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