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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Holy Shit, Kevin- CO2 Absorption Wavelengths


For several years a willfully ignorant evoTARD known as william spearshake, acartia bogart or Kevin Middlebrook, amongst others, has been quote mining my comment in a post about CO2's absorption spectrum. Now it seems that he doesn't even know in what frequencies/ wavelengths CO2 absorbs/ emits. I have been over this with the dimwit many times, too.

Take a look, Kevbo: Green House Gas Spectra

Only one of CO2's absorption wavelengths is of any significance with respect to the infrared transmitted by the planet- 15 micrometers. 4.3 micrometers is on the fringe of the IR spectrum. It doesn't help. And 2.7 is out of the IR range.

Wow. Just wow. How hard is it to Google it? 

And it just keeps getting better.

But my question stands. What frequency? And, what frequency on Venus?

OK, wait. The physics on Venus is the SAME as the physics on Earth. And the frequencies are 19,986,163,866,666 Hz (~20 teraHz); 69,719,176,279,069 Hz (~70 teraHz) ; 111,034,243,703,703 Hz (~111 teraHz). With 20 THz being the most significant with respect to IR.

Those numbers do not change on Venus. WTF?


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