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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Holy Shit, Kevin- CO2 Absorption Wavelengths


For several years a willfully ignorant evoTARD known as william spearshake, acartia bogart or Kevin Middlebrook, amongst others, has been quote mining my comment in a post about CO2's absorption spectrum. Now it seems that he doesn't even know in what frequencies/ wavelengths CO2 absorbs/ emits. I have been over this with the dimwit many times, too.

Take a look, Kevbo: Green House Gas Spectra

Only one of CO2's absorption wavelengths is of any significance with respect to the infrared transmitted by the planet- 15 micrometers. 4.3 micrometers is on the fringe of the IR spectrum. It doesn't help. And 2.7 is out of the IR range.

Wow. Just wow. How hard is it to Google it? 

And it just keeps getting better.

But my question stands. What frequency? And, what frequency on Venus?

OK, wait. The physics on Venus is the SAME as the physics on Earth. And the frequencies are 19,986,163,866,666 Hz (~20 teraHz); 69,719,176,279,069 Hz (~70 teraHz) ; 111,034,243,703,703 Hz (~111 teraHz). With 20 THz being the most significant with respect to IR.

Those numbers do not change on Venus. WTF?

Venus and Clueless EvoTARDs


Venus has an atmosphere that is 96.5% CO2. On earth the atmospheric CO2 is 410 parts per million. But even with all of that CO2, the CO2 still only absorbs IR in the same 3 frequencies/ wavelengths. EDIT FOR CORRECTION- 2.7 micrometers is outside of the IR range. And 4.3 micrometers is right on the fringe. So only 15 micrometers is significant with respect to IR and CO2.

Its atmosphere is so dense the pressure on the surface of Venus is approximately that of being 3,000 underwater here. The pressure is a key. 

Its rotational speed is about 243 Earth days. Its revolution is about 224 earth days. Which means it is on a slow rotisserie mode with the Sun as its heat source.

And it is over 42 million kilometers closer to the Sun, on average, than the we are.

Monday, August 23, 2021

SteveStory Continues to Prove he is Clueless


Someone please by that shit for brains a vowel:

The whole publications thing got me thinking about how ID research compares to other orgs. In its 12 year history, Bio-Craplexity has published 25 “papers”. I looked up my favorite UF professor down the road, whose famous tomato lab I got some mater seeds from. Nope. too many. Harry Klee has like 295 pubs. Keep looking. Finally, I found it. At my last alma mater, the undergrads published 27 papers in one recent year. In real journals.

That’s how bad ID is at sciencing. The undergrads at a school ranked ~50 in the nation do over ten times more research, while also going to school.

 Again, the point is to be able to do SCIENTIFIC research and reach a design inference if it is warranted. Also there aren't any papers that support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. Unless you count papers discussing genetic diseases and physical deformities.

So, SteveStory is not only clueless, he is also a cowardly equivocator and proud of it. That is why he is relegated to gossip and cheer-leading.

Harry Klee doesn't have any idea how blind and mindless processes produced plants. Those undergrads don't have a clue. And with that ten times more research they aren't any closer to solving that problem.

Evolutionary biologists are so pathetic they don't even know what determines biological form! The most basic question in biology remains unanswered. So what are all these blind watchmaker researchers doing? Where are all the publications showing that blind and mindless processes produced ATP synthase? How can the premise even be tested?

The point is stevestory is a bluffing loser. And that is also why he will never ante up and debate me on the science- ID vs evolutionism.

Kevin Middlebrook- Too Stupid to Understand English


Kevin Middlebrook, the alleged marine biologist who didn't know that a whale has a tale. The same guy who thought there was a molecular code that turns water into ice. The same chump who thinks that ice, a solid, is made of water, a liquid. Too bad 3rd grade grammar tells us that ice is made FROM water.

The point? Kevin is still stuck on the fact that frequency and wavelength are interchangeable. He is too stupid to understand that a synonym of interchangeable is equivalent. And in the end all he did was quote mine me to try to win some imaginary points with its imaginary friends.

Heck, this chump is so stupid he thought that when a radio or sound wave enters the water that it expands!

SteveStory is so sad that it once said that after a steak is cooked and removed from the heat, that just reflecting 4% of its radiated heat would cause said steak to heat up another 20 degrees! He is also just a punk equivocator. Clueless to the fact that the only papers that support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes are papers that discuss genetic diseases and deformities.

So I understand why these moron losers won't ante up and debate me on science- ID vs evolutionism.

SteveStory and Kevin Middlebrook Double Down on their Nonsense


Very predictable. Now stevie the loser says:

I wonder who’s published more in the last 12 months, Bob, or the entire ID movement in their own journal?

It is a given that Bob has never published any papers that support the claims of materialism nor evolutionism. No one has. So why is stevie such an anti-science gossip?

By the way, stevie, I am not a fan of the NBA. And your desperate false analogy just proves that you are a little anti-science gossip. Nicely done. And no way Bob O'H compares to Giannis. Bob's science would put him equal to the water boy in the NBA. Or maybe one of those people who wipe up the floor between plays.

Kevin chimes in with this lie:

What’s even more fun is watching closeted homosexual Joe’s moronic responses and quote mining of anyone who references him in a comment.

I didn't quote mine anyone. Clearly Kevin doesn't know what a quote mine is. And Kevin doesn't understand the concept of quoting someone in context. The concept of context eludes Kevin.

Kevin's projection is also duly noted. Kevin thinks the physics on Venus is different from the physics on earth. He also claims to be a marine biologist but denied that a whale has a tail. And to top it off he thinks that ice is made of, not from, water. If ice were made of water it would be a liquid.

One thing is certain- neither Bob O'H, Stevie nor Kevin will ever ante up and debate me on science- ID vs evolutionism. That says it all, really.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

SteveStory- Still Proud to be a Clueless Asshole and Coward


SteveStory is just another loser gossip. It couldn't support the claims of evolutionism or materialism if its life depended on it. Like all materialists and evolutionist they do NOT understand science. To try to attack me stevie writes:

In other news, it’s fun to watch Joe try to lecture Bob about science, since Bob’s the one who’s the practicing scientist.

And yet anyone who accepts that blind and mindless processes not only produced life but also its diversity don't know jack about science! 

I don't care what Bob O'H allegedly practices. He has proven to be a dolt. He has proven to be a biased asshole. And he has proven that he cannot scientifically support the claims of the position he promotes.

SteveStory is the faggot who had to ban me from the swamp because I was exposing those evoTARDs for the ignorant cowards that they are.


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Neil Rickert: Just Say Anything


ID's opponents are either desperate or just full of shit. Over on the incorrectly named the skeptical  Neil Rickert says:

Two things I notice about ID proponents:

(1) They are very critical of materialism and very critical of mechanistic thinking;

(2) There own ID thinking is extremely materialistic and mechanistic.

1- Materialism is a failed philosophy. And ID is OK with mechanistic thinking. I have never read an IDist be critical of mechanistic thinking.

2-  The intelligently designed things are physical, material things

He goes on to say:

I agree with the broad principle, that biologican organisms are designed. But the ID proponents are forever looking at that as an external design with an external designer. We should, instead, be looking for internal design. Organisms are self-designed. Some of the design comes from the population and the parents. But a great deal of the design of the organism occurs during biological development.

 Really? "self-designed"? That's it? Just what the fuck designed said biological development? What the fuck self-designed the first cells? It couldn't have been internal.

Neil is one of the fools that thinks DNA is a magical molecule that guides and determines development.

ID proponents look for an external designer because our knowledge of cause and effect relationships demand it. The genetic code involves a coded information processing system. There isn't any evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems. There isn't even a way to test the claim that nature can. So the claim can be dismissed.

However, there is ONE and ONLY one known cause for producing coded information processing systems and that is via intelligent agency volition. So using our KNOWLEDGE of cause and effect relationships, in accordance with Newton's 4 Rules of Scientific Reasoning, we infer the genetic code was intelligently designed.

There isn't any evidence for Neil's self-designed organisms. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

What is the RNA World Hypothesis?


The RNA World hypothesis is pure bullshit promoted by atheistic materialists who actually think that nature produced living organisms. It is free of evidentiary support. It is based on a need because they know that DNA-first life is impossible for nature to produce.

 Yeah, yeah. It’s very simple, it‘s just the idea that the most primitive cells, the primordial cells were based on RNA, which played the role of the genetic material and they used RNA to carry out biochemical functions to catalyze reactions. The smoking gun is the cellular machine, the ribosome, right, which it turns out it’s built partly out of RNA and partly out of proteins, but it’s the RNA part that actually makes new proteins, so RNA makes all the proteins in our bodies and every cell, so it makes sense that RNA came first. All we have to do is figure out how something as complicated as RNA came to exist on the early Earth. Jack Szostak. 

Smoking gun? Wow, talk about desperation. These motherfuckers will believe anything as long as it doesn't involve Intelligent Design. 

Monday, August 09, 2021

SteveStory, So Stupid it Hurts


I guess by now it's to be expected, but the evoTARDs still mange to surprise. SteveStory's latest entry is a winner:

Trying to prohibit cruise ships from keeping the plague away was an action so stupid you immediately know it came from a Trumper.

The plague was caused by bacteria. COVID-19 is a virus. The IFR of C19 is slightly over 1%. And the vast bulk of the deaths occurred with people deficient in one or more essential nutrients.

You have to be desperately stupid or just willfully ignorant to try to compare covid-19 with the plague. SteveStory is both.

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Gary Hurd, AKA Dr GH, Still Proudly Clueless


Earth to Gary Hurd, it doesn't get any dumber than thinking that nature produced living organisms. You can't be any more stupid than thinking that nature produced coded information processing systems, and living organisms are ruled by them. That takes desperate stupidity.

Unfazed by reality, Gary spews:

The level of stupid is hiking higher daily. There must be a limit! Some boundary condition I hope short of extinction.

 Yes, as long as evolutionism rules public schools' biology classes the level of stupidity will keep hiking higher. The limit will be just how much bullshit people are willing to deal with before saying enough is enough. And all that is going to take is students asking the hard questions and demanding answers. 

Then evolutionism will fall because it is just a house of cards built on the illusion that DNA determines biological form. That DNA guides development of organisms and systems. That is all bullshit. DNA doesn't determine biological form. DNA doesn't guide anything. It is just a template for RNAs and itself. And even then DNA doesn't do anything but fall apart without an existing suite of specific proteins.

Game over. Yet evoTARDs will never admit it.

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Vindicated by Science, Again- Zinc


For years I have been telling people that zinc is an anti-viral element. I have been saying that because the science says it is. Now science has determined how zinc prevents viral replication. Press release followed by the paper:

Zinc inhibits SARS-CoV-2’s main protease in vitro

Zinc2+ ion inhibits SARS-CoV-2 main protease and viral replication in vitro

Follow the science. Over the counter supplements work to prevent severe viral infections. The EVMS stated they could be used as a prophylaxis. And yes, you need more than just zinc. Zinc is just one of the weapons you need to fight COVID-19 and influenza.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

January 6, 2021 was an Insurrection? Grow up.


It cracks me up every time I hear the whiny Democrats cry about January 6, 2021 being an insurrection.

insurrection :  an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government

revolt  a renouncing of allegiance (as to a government or party); especially a determined armed uprising  or 2a movement or expression of vigorous dissent

That can pertain to any and all riots. And that means the left has been engaged in insurrections for over a year. Why are so concerned with one day? Who is stupid enough to think the January 6 rioters had a chance at overthrowing the US Government?

The left has been looting and destroying businesses owned by people who didn't have anything to do with the alleged reasons for rioting. At least January 6 was aimed at the right people.

So what is it, hypocrites? It's documented that the left-wing media and politicians enticed the left-wingnut rioters. Where's the outrage against them?

What do you expect from a party who has a puppet with dementia as the PoTUS.