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Monday, July 05, 2021

Kevin Middlebrook TRIPLES Down on Its Ignorance


Unbelievable. This asshole doesn't care that it continues to prove it is an ignorant infant:

OH Joe, are you still claiming that frequency = wavelength? Silly child. Did you never learn what the equal sign means?

Really? After I just explained it to you, AGAIN? Frequency and wavelength are INTERCHSANGEABLE in certain contexts. EQUIVALENT (=) is a synonym of INTERCHANGEABLE.

The equal sign, =, goes with the word EQUIVALENT.

How fucking stupid are you, Kevin? Why are you such a willfully ignorant infant? Why can't you actually respond to what I post? That you can't says it all, really. Thank you for being an ignorant dipshit. Still not sure what you are trying to prove beyond the fact that you are a willfully ignorant infant.

Way to hoist yourself with your own petard.



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