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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Kevin Middlebrook is Proud to be Willfully Ignorant


Unable to cope with the fact that "frequency" and "wavelength" are interchangeable is in certain contexts, Kevin Middlebrook, aka Acartia BlowTard, continues its years-long infantile tirade.

I even provided the little baby with the following diagram to help illustrate my point. Unfortunately it wasn't in crayon, which means Kevin couldn't understand its relevance: 

Absorption Spectroscopy

Anyone can see the top line, Wavelength, and the bottom line, Frequency, are interchangeable. And that when you are talking about a specific frequency you are also talking about a specific, corresponding, wavelength. And that when you are talking about a specific wavelength you are also talking about a specific, corresponding, frequency. To talk about one is to talk about the other. Interchangeable.

Further, anyone can see that a synonym of interchangeable is EQUIVALENT.

That brings us to frequency = wavelength in the context of the absorption frequencies/ wavelengths of CO2. Kevin Middlebrook, a dipshit who wasn't even part of the discussion because it was over its head, decided to chime in on something else it didn't comprehend. Context matters.

This has all be explained to Kevin. Infants don't like to be corrected nor ignored.

Talk about hoist with your own petard! Nice own goal, Kev


What Joe keeps ignoring in this response is that he didn’t use his “interchangeable”, or “context” arguments until a year after his frequency = wavelength claim. 

You stupid fuck! AGAIN, I shouldn't have had to say anything! The fact that I had to explain it to you PROVES that you are an ignorant infant!

Until then, he was simply defending the obviously false claim.

Except it isn't false and was easily explained. That you cannot understand it, even after years of having it explained to you PROVES that you are a willfully ignorant infant. 

Hoisted by its own petard and proud of it.


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