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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Reality Demonstrates that Climate Alarmists are Ignorant Fools


Reality demonstrates that climate alarmists, including President Biden, are ignorant fools. A global context for Man-made Climate Concerns exposes the fools and puts it all in context.

On CO2:

  • nonetheless, at its current low level, ~400ppmv, all Life on Earth is still entirely dependent on the CO2 in the atmosphere:  it is used by plants via photosynthesis to release oxygen and to thus generate all other organic compounds.
  • if atmospheric CO2 concentration falls below 150 ppmv, photosynthesis stops and plants and thus Life on Earth would be extinguished.
  • only ~30,000 years ago, in the depths of the last glaciation, all Life on Earth came close to that total annihilation, when atmospheric CO2 concentration fell to 180 ppmv, only ~15% above the terminal CO2 value of 150 ppmv:
    • this atmospheric CO2 reduction process is driven by colder Oceans absorbing more atmospheric CO2
    • in colder oceans atmospheric CO2 is progressively sequestered over millennia by marine life and eventually deposited as limestone.
    • so, as far as plant life is concerned even at ~400 ppmv the World is still in a state of CO2 starvation
    • from the point of view of plant life, at least 1200ppmv or more would be preferable:  this is well understood by horticulturalists
    • in the recent past, (the last 12,000 years,) as the present Holocene interglacial epoch has advanced, the Earth warmed, so warmer Oceans out-gassed CO2 to approach a pre-industrial level of ~300ppmv.
    • but when plants evolved on land, atmospheric CO2 levels were very much higher, (3000 – 4000 ppmv), ten fold current values and no runaway Global warming occurred.
    • there was very luxuriant plant growth in the Silurian and Devonian eras leading to the laying down of massive Coal deposits.
  • in the course of some future glaciation, natural processes with the cold Oceans absorbing atmospheric CO2 will finally extinguish all Life on Earth due to the starvation of Plant life for the of lack of sufficient of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • thus, the interference of Man-kind, emitting extra CO2 into the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels has the potential to slow these processes and thus probably extend the viability of all Life on Earth.
  • slow and deferred CO2 out-gassing process from warming Oceans is continuing and has been supplemented by Man-made CO2 emissions since the 1850s from the use of fossil fuels.
  • with these two CO2 sources in combination, CO2 level has now reached ~410ppmv
  • plant productivity improves radically with increasing atmospheric CO2 and NASA has already reported ~+15% more green growth worldwide.
  • globally over the last 50 years, enhanced agricultural productivity has enabled the growth in food supply for a growing World population.
  • plant productivity is hampered in colder weather:  any cooling can immediately lead to agricultural losses, as has already been seen in the last two growing seasons, 2020-2021, at the present Solar minimum.
  • with cooling weather gets worse:  the temperature difference between the tropics and the poles increases and with that greater energy differential weather deteriorates
  • the only way that atmospheric CO2 levels will ever reduce is by the cooling of the Oceans:  as they cool they will once again be able to re-absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, that can only occur in some coming major ~100,000 year glacial period.


  • there is no direct, straight-line relationship between atmospheric CO2 concentration and its influence on temperature.
  • the “Greenhouse” warming effectiveness of CO2 diminishes logarithmically as its concentration increases, which implies:
    • CO2 at 20ppmv, ~42% of CO2 warming effectiveness is already taken up.
    • CO2 at 100ppmv, ~67% of CO2 warming effectiveness is taken up.
    • CO2 at 150ppmv, the CO2 level of plant and thus planetary viability, ~72% of CO2 warming effectiveness is taken up.
    • CO2 at 300ppmv, the long-term pre-industrial CO2 level, ~82% of CO2 warming effectiveness is taken up.
    • CO2 at the current level in the atmosphere at 410ppmv ~88% of the warming effectiveness of CO2 is already taken up.
  • the warming capability of CO2 is now so close to saturation because of the logarithmic diminution effect, that doubling concentration from 410ppmv to 820 ppmv results in a temperature effect of about +0.35°C, .
  • at the current rate CO2 of emissions growth, ~2.5ppmv/year, the transition to double the present CO2 concentration could take up to ~160 years.
  • thus, the minor temperature increase that might be attained from further Man-made CO2 emissions is both miniscule and far in the future.

The conclusions:

  • there is no immediate and catastrophic overheating problem arising from the further Man-made emissions of CO2 nor from the continued burning of fossil fuels.
  • at the current rates of growth of CO2 comcentrations it will take about 150 years for the effect of doubling CO2 to ~820 ppmv to materialise.
  • any Man-made increase in atmospheric CO2 can only beneficial for the Biosphere and for Man-kind.
  • more CO2 emitted to the atmosphere is likely to extend the viability of all life on Earth through future glacial periods.
  • the whole Global Warming / Climate Change agenda is a fabrication supported only by quasi-religious beliefs in the evils of Western industrial society and a political agenda intended to undermine Western capitalism.


So it figures that the scientifically illiterate asses from AtBC are climate alarmists. 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Yes, the Climate Changes


Yes, the climate changes. You have to be dumber than dumb to think that CO2 is the problem, though.

Michael Mann was challenged to demonstrate that CO2 was the issue and he balked. A look at the following diagram will show you why: GHG spectra  . Notice how little CO2 can possibly have an effect on temperature.

People focusing on fossil fuels are morons. They just can't help themselves. They refuse to look at the chart. Or they are just too stupid to understand it.

But yes, the climate changes. That is what it does. 

Glaciers are melting because they are dirty, not because of any incre4ase in temperature.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Earth to Kevin Middlebrook


Earth to Kevin Middlebrook- You and yours cannot ridicule anyone. You and yours are the most ridiculous losers ever.

Grow up, dipshit.

It is very telling that the way to falsify ID is for losers like Kevin to actually step up and support the asinine claims of their position that they avoid that at all costs. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Kevin Middlebrook is an Ignorant Coward


Kevin Middlebrook, AKA Acartia BlowTard/ william dickshake sez:

Ridiculing them for flawed science is one thing. Many of them back then were sane but woefully inadequate to present a scientific argument.

Wow. That from an asshole who doesn't understand science. That from an asshole who couldn't form a coherent argument to save its useless life.

It is VERY telling that when the way to refute ID is to just step up and defend your own position, not one anti-ID coward does so. That says it all, really.

The world is still waiting for someone to step up and present evidentiary support for materialism and its bastard retarded child, evolutionism.