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Monday, May 24, 2021

Abiogenesis Refuted


Abiogenesis is refuted in The Origin of the Genetic Code

The mid 1990s

A new problem appeared.

Tomas Lindahl and other researchers discover that the DNA molecule was not as stable as what was originally thought.

The 2015 Nobel Chemistry Prize honoured three of these researchers that discovered this instability and the proofreading and error correcting machinery that counteract the instability. The following is a quote from the Press Release of the Royal Swedish Academy that stresses the importance of these researchers work:

“Each day our DNA is damaged by UV radiation, free radicals and other carcinogenic substances, but even without such external attacks, a DNA molecule is inherently unstable. Thousands of spontaneous changes to a cell’s genome occur on a daily basis. Furthermore, defects can also arise when DNA is copied during cell division, a process that occurs several million times every day in the human body.

The reason our genetic material does not disintegrate into complete chemical chaos is that a host of molecular systems continuously monitor and repair DNA. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 awards three pioneering scientists who have mapped how several of these repair systems function at a detailed molecular level.

In the early 1970s, scientists believed that DNA was an extremely stable molecule, but Tomas Lindahl demonstrated that DNA decays at a rate that ought to have made the development of life on Earth impossible. This insight led him to discover a molecular machinery, base excision repair, which constantly counteracts the collapse of our DNA.” ( The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 - Press release -  )

This code carrier instability has an important consequence. It has a negative impact on the understanding of the origin and development of the genetic code. The error correcting software is specific for DNA and without it a DNA molecule is doomed as a code carrier. 

Can't have DNA-based life without all of the supporting cast. And you can't get the supporting cast without DNA-based life with the supporting cast.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ohs Noes! I am being called Deluded by a Cowardly Pathological Liar and Ignoramus!


Earth to Kevin Middlebrook, aka Acartia BlowTard, william dickshaker, and douchebag- It is beyond hilarious that you think you can insult people. HINT- pathetic imps like you are the insult.

Thank you for the laughs.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Wesley Elsberry- Still an Ignorant Ass


Earth to Wesley Elsberry, read the peer-reviewed paper by Durston, et al., that calculates functional sequence complexity. FSC is the same as CSI.

Wesley spewed:

After all, no one else has provided complete CSI calculations for any non-trivial case.

See Measuring the functional sequence complexity of proteins 

Wesley Elsberry, proud to be a willfully ignorant ass.