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Monday, April 19, 2021

Why Natural Selection Mandates the Mutations be Chance Events, Part 2

 -Evolutionary biologists say that natural selection is blind and mindless. See Jerry Coyne's Natural selection and evolution: material, blind, mindless, and purposeless . Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins wrote a book about it.

The point is telic processes are neither blind nor mindless. And that means that telic processes cannot be part of natural selection. Mayr goes over this in "What Evolution Is". Teleology is not allowed.

Why are evoTARDs so clueless that they don't grasp that simple fact? Because they are evoTARDs! They are dishonest assholes to their rotten core.

According to evolutionary biologists all mutations are accidents, errors and mistakes. That means that evolutionary biologists support my claim. It also means that evoTARDs don't even understand their own lame position!


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