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Monday, April 19, 2021

Entropy is a Pathological Liar and Ignorant Ass


Entropy is a moron. The genetic code is a real code. It looks like a real code. It acts like a real code and it has all of the attributes of a real code. Entropy's ignorance is not an argument. And all it has is ignorance.

Next the clueless asshole thinks that life reproducing is evidence for nature producing coded information processing systems! You question-begging bitch, there isn't any evidence that nature produced life. You lose, asshole.

There has been a challenge for anyone to show that nature can produce coded information. The award is up to 10.1 million dollars and remains uncollected. Entropy is too chicken shit to ante up and try to collect that prize.

So no, there isn't any evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems. Entropy is a fool and a liar.

How pathetic is that asshole to use the very thing that requires an explanation to try to explain itself?!!!

Entropy is the typical clueless and dishonest evoTARD.

And to top it off the asshole conflates "existing in nature" with "produced by nature". Entropy is one pathetic and sick fuck.


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