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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Earth to EvoTARDs: DNA is NOT the Genetic Code!


How stupid and ignorant are evos? Henry J, TARD:

Yep. I reckon calling DNA a code is a metaphor. Chemically it's a catalyst, in that each base causes a particular other base to be used in constructing an RNA chain. Which is then used to catalyze construction of a protein (generally 3 bases to 1 acid). Did I get that right?

DNA isn't the genetic code, dipshit. And chemically DNA is inert and unstable. DNA encodes the information for several different types of RNAs. Only mRNA carries the coding for a polypeptide. mRNA REPRESENTS the amino acids. The genetic code are the rules by which DNA is transcribed into mRNA, which is then processed and translated into a polypeptide. 

It is not a metaphor. It looks like a code. It acts like a code. And it has all of the attributes of a code.

So in Henry's simpleton version that denies and ignores reality, there isn't any problem with nature producing such a thing, even though there isn't any evidence that nature can.


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