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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Flint, Another Ignorant EvoTARD


You can't make these people up. Flint has always been an asshole evoTARD. Now it spews:

I remember reading somewhere that of all the creationists entering college who graduate with degrees in biology, 80% of them are STILL creationists. Generally speaking, education does not cure creationism.

The reason is simple, dipshit. There isn't any evidence that blind and mindless processes produced the solar system, the planet and life. You asshole evoTARDs don't have anything that would change anyone's mind with respect to how we arose. 

Heck thanks to evolutionary biology, evolutionary biologists still don't know what determines biological form! The most basic question in biology remains unanswered because your paradigm is total bullshit.

So until evoTARDs come up with some actual science that supports their asinine claims, no one will switch to evolutionism. The only people who stay with evolutionism are asshole atheists and liars of christianity.


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