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Friday, March 05, 2021

Entry is Proud to be a Total Lying Asshole


Entropy the moron has taken exception to what I said about the genetic code. But its "rebuttal" is full of lies and bullshit.

I don’t see Alan here being personally incredulous.

Here it is, again:

 I know of no other plausible explanation for this than life’s diversity radiates from a common ancestror.

That is person incredulity, dumbass. About common design, entropy spews:

Sorry Joe G, but your personal and naïve credulity about magical beings in the sky is not an argument.

Yes, you are sorry. I don't need any magical beings in the sky you cowardly strawman humper. 

Alan is not producing the diversity of life himself, so I take you to mean that Alan doesn’t know of any mechanisms capable of producing the diversity of life starting from a common ancestor. However, you seem to be willfully ignorant here, since many people have explained to you the mechanisms capable of doing precisely that. They’re collectively called evolution.

Evidence, please. There isn't any evidence that "evolution" produced the diversity of life. Because there aren't any known evolutionary mechanisms capable. So you lose, you pathetic lying bitch.

There isn’t any evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems.

I think someone very close to you claimed that personal incredulity is not an argument.

What I said is a fact, asshole. There isn't anything in any peer-reviewed paper that shows that blind and mindless processes did it. Next comes the bluffing equivocation:

Every day more and more life forms arise, naturally, from their parent ones. All of them have ribosomes, naturally produced, since nobody has seen anything unnatural going on there, and these ribosomes process coded information. All goes on very naturally.

Wow, what a total shit eating freak you are. There isn't any natural, non-design, processes capable of producing a living organism. You lose.

To go one step further, let’s not forget that we’re part of nature.

There isn't any evidence that we were produced by nature you equivocating ass. And more equivocation on "natural"

And as far as we can see, it works naturally. It diverges naturally. The coded information changes naturally, Since it changes, new encoded information arises all the time, again, naturally.

You only assume it happens naturally. As far as anyone knows it happens by design, dipshit.

So there’s no natural reproduction Joe G?

Living organisms reproduce. No one knows if it happens naturally because there isn't any evidence that nature can produce living organisms containing coed information processing systems.

Entropy FAILED to provide any evidence that nature produced the genetic code. Entropy is nothing but a lying bitch intent on cowardly equivocations and science-free bullshit.

Science and evidence, entropy. You don't have any of that to support your asinine claims.

Still no evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems and still no way to test the claim that it can. And still no one can present a way to test the claim of universal common descent as no one knows of any mechanism that is capable. Heck evolutionary biologists still don't know what determines biological form!






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