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Thursday, March 04, 2021

Entropy Enjoys being a Willfully Ignorant Ass


Entropy just can't help itself. Now it spews:

Yes, natural selection can happen even when mutations are purposefully introduced by people.

That all depends, touch-hole. If they just blast the genome with radiation then the mutations are accidents, meaning they are chance events. If they purposely change specific sequences, then no, it isn't natural selection, dumbass. 

This entropy asshole even agrees with me that NS includes variation then harps on one of my references that support my claim!

Either way Joe G, you failed to read your source properly. “A result of”, doesn’t mean “is composed of”.

YOU just agreed that NS includes variation!

Of course it includes the variation.

So what the fuck are you harping about? My references are to show that NS INCLUDES variation, dumbass. 

The ignorant asshole posts the following:

Natural selection is one of the basic mechanisms of evolution, along with mutation, migration, and genetic drift.

Yes, I know, We are discussing that one, dipshit. Do TRY to follow along. 

It spews more nonsense:

 So far you seem to insist on mistaking chance events for non-telic events.

That is the definition of chance, dumbass.

Again, the opposite of chance events is not telic events. Both, deterministic and biased events would not qualify as “chance events”.

Biased events that are accidents are still chance events. Deterministic depends on contingencies.

The definition of chance that is relevant is “do something by accident or without design”

Biased events that are not designed are chance events. Deterministic events that are not designed are chance events. It's right there in the definition.

They can be either biased or deterministic. No intentions necessary.

Right, and they are still chance events, by definition, dumbass. Your dumbass mistake is thinking the odds have to be equal. They don't. No intentions means no design which equals chance. By definition.

Of course a rock that is balanced on an edge is going to be biased towards falling off of that edge. It is still a chance event that it falls.

Again, the opposite of chance events is not telic events.

Thesaurus disagrees with you, dumbass. antonyms of chance

Ernst Mayr agrees with me, dumbass. Read the book "What Evolution Is". Read Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species..." Chance events are what drives natural selection.

Now the piece-of-shit is actually trying to ay something about my clarifying my post due to ignorant evoTARDs.

So here we have an ignorant entropy trying so hard to look smaht. What a total loser.





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