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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Self-assemble under Genetic Control- Seriously


Evolutionists will believe and say anything as long as they think it preserves their need and desire to have an atelic explanation. They think that there is some sort of genetic control for the assembly of proteins. They spew that nonsense even though it it totally lacking evidentiary support. It only exists in the tunnel vision of their limited minds.

I understand why they do this. They NEED that control. And they NEED it to have arisen via blind and mindless processes like natural selection and drift. Because without that control* it means that all of these multiprotein, functional complexes have to just happen to come together each and every time. And no one believes that so they have to conjure up control to save their untenable position. Sad, really.

All DNA does is code for RNAs. With respect to mRNAs, DNA doesn't tell it how to process its transcript. DNA doesn't have any input into how proteins fold. Without the required RNAs and proteins, DNA does nothing but rot. And maybe some useful RNAs will come from that.

The pure raw spewage of "self-assemble under genetic control" just demonstrates these moron's desperation. Just say anything and then attack anyone who questions it. Evos are the most dishonest and cowardly people on the planet.

*Control with respect to Intelligent Design comes from the intelligent design of cellular life and the presence of immaterial information that makes them go. That is why we can't synthesize living organisms. We can't program them.


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