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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Mikkel r Rumraket is Delusional or a Liar


Holy shit! These enemies of reason are delusional! Mikkel spews:

Yes, clearly Behe brought up the mousetrap example to explain the principle of irreducibly complexity through a complex arrangement of multiple parts, not to argue that Mousetrap parts had to be moved around by hand. The components of organisms don’t move around by hand, they self-assemble under genetic control.

Wow! Under genetic control!!! Really? What control would that be seeing that the DNA just codes for mRNA sequences? DNA doesn't even control the mRNA processing. It has no influence over the protein folding or assembly. So no, Mikkel, you delusional loser, components of organisms are NOT under genetic control. They do NOT self-assemble. Well, there isn't any evidence for either of those so we can dismiss them, as Hitchens said.

The conversations over on Peaceful Science are pathetic. What aren't lies and bullshit is irrelevant or nonsense.


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