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Monday, December 14, 2020

Jerry Coyne is a Clueless Ass


Jerry Coyne continues to prove that he is a clueless ass. Yahoo has an article by Coyne titled Yes, there is a war between science and religion. Jerry Coyne is a bullshit artist. His view on science is nothing more than dogma. His position on evolution requires more faith than any religion. And his view on evolution is outside of the realm of science.

Despite what Jerry spews, science an religion are not incompatible and they are not at war. The father of modern science was the very religious Sir Isaac Newton. Newton, Kepler, Copernicus, Linnaeus, Galileo, et al, all saw science as a way to understand God's Creation. That alone proves that Coyne doesn't know what he is talking about. Jerry spews:

My argument runs like this. I’ll construe “science” as the set of tools we use to find truth about the universe, with the understanding that these truths are provisional rather than absolute. These tools include observing nature, framing and testing hypotheses, trying your hardest to prove that your hypothesis is wrong to test your confidence that it’s right, doing experiments and above all replicating your and others’ results to increase confidence in your inference.

Earth to Jerry Coyne- there aren't any testable hypotheses for evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. The only "predictions" borne from it are genetic diseases and deformities. So obviously you are totally confused. He goes on to spew:

What is not disputable is that today science is practiced as an atheistic discipline – and largely by atheists. 

And THAT is why we don't know what determines biological form. And why evolutionary biology is total bullshit. Those atheistic scientists don't have any answers when it comes to biology. They can't say how nature produced the genetic code. They don't even know how to test the concept. All they have to explain our existence is the antithesis of science, sheer dumb luck.

It's assholes like Coyne that are the problem. THEY, not science, are at war with religion. And they will never be able to understand the universe because of their narrow minds.


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