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Monday, July 13, 2020

Why Gene Duplication is NOT a Viable Blind Watchmaker Mechanism

Evolutionists love to call on gene duplications to explain genetic similarities between different genes and to also explain how new genes arise. They say the new genes are duplicated genes that have accumulated mutations that changed them. But is this viable? I say that it is NOT viable for blind and mindless processes, ie the posited mechanisms of evolutionism. It isn't viable for several reasons:

1- The duplicated gene needs a new binding site. And despite Art Hunt's protestation, binding sites do not get duplicated along with the gene- see Lenski's long term evolutionary experiment.

2- The duplicated gene needs to be in the correct position on the histone octamer spool or it will never be seen to be expressed even if it had a binding site.

3- Waiting for TWO Mutations makes it very clear that creating a new binding site from scratch will be very time consuming

4- To change the gene to get a different protein requires specific mutations which in turn are very time consuming- see step 3's paper. And most, if not all, genes are able to handle changes and not change the protein. Meaning they are variable.

So when you see/ hear evolutionists claim gene duplications did it you know they are desperate and ignorant of what that entails. There isn't any justification in calling a gene duplication a blind and mindless process. There isn't enough time in the universe.

So what will they do? Attack blind watchmaker evolution as a strawman that Richard Dawkins erected, apparently. An evolutionary biologist and one of the most renowned evos on the planet, allegedly doesn't understand mainstream evolution. Either that or say I don't understand the paper I linked to. They can say it but they will never produce any evidence to support it

Evolutionists are the most deceptive and dishonest people, ever.


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