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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

"Waiting for TWO Mutations"- Why it Kills Unguided Evolution*

Not long after Michael Behe's "the Edge of Evolution" was published, evolutionists attempted to refute its mathematical models. One such attempt was made by Rick Durrett and Deena Schmidt in their paper Waiting for Two MutationsFrom the abstract:
Consistent with recent experimental observations for Drosophila, we find that a few million years is sufficient, but for humans with a much smaller effective population size, this type of change would take >100 million years.
They are talking about two specific mutations. TWO. And theirs was a simple case of a binding site. That is nothing like building a gene or hundreds to thousands of genes via blind and mindless processes. All of those genes also need binding sites. And those binding sites can't be just anywhere. Meaning their positioning is also specified.

Thousands upon thousands of specific mutations were required to produce the new genes required for the evolution of metazoans starting from some unknown population(s) of prokaryote And evos expect us to believe blind and mindless processes did it.

So when you hear or read evos saying that "evolution" produces new genes, they are lying when they say it was due to blind and mindless processes.

* the paper destroys the premise that life's diversity arose via blind and mindless processes starting from some unknown prokaryote(s). There isn't enough time in the universe for blind and mindless processes to do it.


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