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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Peaceful Science is Home to Cowards and Liars

Peaceful Science is home to cowards and liars. All they do is run from the evidence and then lie, as if that is an argument.

Art Hunt presents T-URF13 as an alleged example that refutes ID claims. Except for the fact that t-urf13 did NOT arise via natural selection. It is a product of over-artificial selection. But even that is moot. If Art Hunt could demonstrate that blind and mindless processes could produce eukaryotes and then plants, he would refute ID. But he cannot. All Art Hunt can do is lie, bluff and equivocate.

Joe Felsenstein continues to lie about ID and natural selection. His bullshit has been torn apart by myself and others. Joe Felesenstein is a willfully ignorant coward.

Joshua Swamidass is perhaps the worst of them. Arrogant and willfully ignorant. Too prideful to understand he is gravely mistaken about ID and science. He actually thinks that cancer, which makes cell more primitive by rejecting the cells given specificity, is actually adding information to the cell. Addition via subtraction. Joshua has proven he doesn't understand ID's arguments. And he is too arrogant and prideful to listen. He is the worst of Christianity.

Not one of the cowards and liars over on Peaceful Science understands ID. And they prove they do not even understand science. They will lie when you ask them for evidence that blind and mindless processes can produce something like a vision system, complete with functioning eyes. When it is pointed out that the paper "Waiting for TWO Mutations" demonstrates there isn't enough time in the universe for such a thing, they lie about the paper. They say the authors' conclusions are NOT the authors' conclusions! Seriously.

When pressed with the genetic code as evidence for ID, they babble bullshit and get so contorted it's difficult to read their cowardly spewage.

Not one person on Peaceful Science understands that ID is not anti-evolution. Not one person on Peaceful Science grasps the concept of evolution by means of intelligent design. They are too stupid to understand that if life was intelligently designed then it was so designed with the ability to adapt and evolve. They are just a bunch of willfully ignorant cowards.

What we will NEVER see on Peaceful Science is a testable hypothesis for and a demonstration of, blind and mindless processes producing multiprotein machines. You will NEVER see that over there. They will always just lie and say it has been done. And yet such a thing is absent from peer-review.

They are too chicken-shit to take on Dr Axe. All they can do is misrepresent his work and his inferences. They are cowards and liars.


  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Ghostrider said…

    One of your best meltdowns in years Chubs. I give it 9 out of 10.

  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Only if fact-filled is a meltdown. But your ignorance and cowardice are duly noted. With a known pathological liar and coward, such as yourself, trying to stand up for PS, all you do is prove my point.

    Thank you


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