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Monday, June 08, 2020

Joshua Swamidass is Lying Again. Or Just Plain Stupid.

Oh my. Joshua Swamidass has lost all grip with reality. Someone said, rightfully:
fact that the only known cause of coded information in our experience is intelligence
Joshua Spews:
That isn’t a fact. It is a false. Very commonly apparently non-intelligent causes produce coded information. One such example is the evolution of cancer

You moron, Joshua! Cancer came from already coded information. Nature did create coded information with cancer. You are obviously just an ignorant ass.

Then moron Timothy Horton chimes in with tree rings! That dumbass doesn't realize that trees are living things that have the very coded information that requires an explanation! And by Timmy's logic urine and shit are also codes.

The losers over on Peaceful Science are so fucking clueless and so fucking ignorant, it's hilarious.


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