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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Faizal Ali- Dumbass

The anti-ID losers are such life rejects. And they don't care if they prove it every day. Case in point the strawman of the day:
Get some of the frozen E. coli from Richard Lenski’s LTEE.
Calculate the Complex Specified Information in the genomes of each generation.
Plot this over time and see whether CSI increases as a result of unguided evolutionary processes.
Seems so simple, but I’m pretty sure no ID Researcher has done this. Why not?
1- You are starting with the very CSI that needs to be explained in the first place.
2- And it isn't an increase of CSI. It is about producing CSI
3- How to determine if the evolutionary processes are unguided. ID is OK with organisms evolving by design.

But if you want simple, take a look at Lenski's LTEE. It shows us just how impotent evolutionary processes are with respect to producing CSI or IC. No new proteins have been produced.

Why haven't any evolutionary biologists taken non-flagellated E. coli, inserted the genes for a bacterial flagellum and see if one arises? What have evos ever done to support their nonsensical claims?

Saturday, March 14, 2020

How NOT to Debate a Topic, by Jerad the Coward

When debating someone it is never a good idea to try to use that which is being debated to try to win the debate. It is really the most stupid thing you could try. And in a formal debate you would be laughed off of the stage.

So why does UK Jerad think it's a good idea to use what is being debated to try to settle the debate? Cuz he says that I am the only one disputing it! Never mind that is total bullshit. But even if true it does NOT matter. You have to be a cowardly loser and retard to do what Jerad does and yet he thinks it makes me look foolish.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Total Loser Falsely Declares Victory

Too funny. Over on Uncommon Descent there is a thread about infinity. So dumbass UK Jerad posts something taunting me. The guy is a pussy so that very thought makes me laugh.
Oh dear, a discussion of infinity. Are you going to participate?
Really? The moron who doesn't understand infinity is calling me out?

Then the asshole rehashes the same shit he has been spewing on my blog. The same shit that proves he doesn't understand infinity.  And after that just declares victory. All the while refusing to address what I am saying.

Double dumbass.