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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Evo Cluelessness- The Genetic Code is a Metaphor

Evos are such a desperate and clueless lot they have to rely on their ignorance in an attempt to refute the facts. Case in point clueless stevestory from the swamp:
They also do this with the metaphor of genetic ‘code’.
What a dumbass!

Why the genetic code is a REAL code-

mRNA codons REPRESENT specific amino acids. mRNA codons do NOT become their respective amino acids via some chemical process. The coding is arbitrary in that it is NOT determined by a physio-chemical process. Again the mRNA codons REPRESENT, but do NOT become, their respective amino acids.

And to top it off the ribosome is a genetic compiler that takes the source code of mRNA codons and produces the object code of a protein. 

Even Larry Moran agrees: the Real Genetic Code- Larry compares it to Morse code.

Larry knows the genetic code is a real code but he thinks, absent evidence or a way to test it, that it arose via blind and mindless processes.

The evoTARDs from the swamp are just clueless dolts


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