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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Peaceful Science- Cowards and Equivocators

It is what it is, I suppose. But the following proves that Peaceful Science promotes cowardly equivocation:   What Are Your Favorite Arguments For Evolution? 

Seeing that Intelligent Design is NOT anti-evolution the honest question would have been:
What Are Your Favorite Arguments (evidence) For Evolution by means of blind and mindless processes such as natural selection, drift and CNE?
Once the proper question is asked then it is easy to see that all present answers are just based on ignorance. For one patterns depend on the mechanisms. So any evidence based on patterns is also based on ignorance.

My favorite pieces of evidence for blind watchmaker evolution lies in all of the genetic diseases and deformities observed. Without that we would have no reason to believe blind and mindless processes were at work.

But that is moot as the point is that evos are equivocating cowards. They have to be. If they suddenly become honest the public will see that they are pushing untestable bullshit and their game will be over.

It is also telling that John Mercer completely chokes on the evidence for ID. Hint- it isn't mere complexity, as Mercer claims.


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