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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Peaceful Science- Choking on Mechanisms

I swear, Peaceful Science is run by moronic cowards. They are totally clueless. I will explain-

ID is NOT a mechanistic theory. All that means is that we do NOT have to know how any designer implemented the project. Design itself is a mechanism, by definition. For example, you can build things by design or willy-nilly, ie that "house that Jack built".

Genetic engineering is a design mechanism. Artificial selection is a design mechanism. Genetic algorithms use telic processes to solve the problems they were designed to solve. Dr. Spetner introduced "built-in responses to environmental cues" as an adaptation  strategy.

That said, the alleged theory of evolution is a mechanistic theory. That is how it was formulated by Darwin and remains to this day. It allegedly offers a mechanism that is a designer-mimic. And yet it offers absolutely NOTHING in the way of a mechanism that could possibly produce the diversity of life observed.

They have nothing to offer but to attack ID with their cowardice and ignorance.

Follow the moronic discussion

With any design-centric investigation FIRST design is determined to exist and THEN questions about the how come into play. And to refute any and all given design inferences all you have to do is step up and present your mechanism tat is capable of producing what we claim is designed.

Peaceful Science is just another bunch of clueless cowards.


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