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Monday, August 26, 2019

Jordan Mantha is a Clueless Ass

Peaceful Science is overrun by willfully ignorant assholes. Case in point- Jordan Mantha who spewed:
Here’s an analogy of what these conversations often look like to me:
Question: How did this house get built?
Biologists: A foundation was dug and poured, then the frame was built, roof put on, insulation and drywall, electrical and plumbing, and final painting and finish work.
ID: we know that architects make blueprints
WRONG! Biologists always say they don't know cuz it happened in the distant past. So the biologist would say: "We don't know but we are comforted by the fact that it evolved".

He goes on to spew:
If ID can’t come up with some kind of mechanism (and no, “mind” is not a mechanism, it’s an agent or cause) I have a hard time seeing it as a scientific claim.
DESIGN is a mechanism. And SCIENCE says that FIRST we determine design exists BEFORE even inquiring about the specific process used.
I could claim “Robots made Stonehenge” as a scientific theory and then when questioned about how they did that, if I simply said “we know robots assemble things” I would be rightly dismissed without a further thought.
That is how it is when they said humans didit, moron. No one knows how and what we do know came only after centuries of investigation. And that came AFTER investigators determined it was intelligently designed.

Jordan runs his mouth about mechanisms all the while totally ignorant of the fact there isn't any blind and mindless mechanism that could produce the diversity of life. Yet he gives evolutionism a pass.

Peaceful Science needs a name change to Anti-Science rantings


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