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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Biogeographic Distribution of Flora and Fauna- How ID and Creation Deal with it and Evolurtionism Cannot

The observed biogeographic distribution of flora and fauna is supposed to be a boon for blind watchmaker evolution, it isn't, and an argument against ID and Creation- it isn't.

That observed distribution is unexplained by blind watchmaker evolution for the simple fact it doesn't have a mechanism capable of producing the flora and fauna involved.
He [the Designer] indeed seems to have “carefully crafted” information in His species giving them the ability to respond to environmental stimuli to alter their own genome to adapt to new environments. He then evidently let them wander where they will with the ability to adapt.- Dr. Lee Spetner “the Evolution Revolution” p 108
THAT is how ID and Creation explain the biogeographical distribution- Intelligently designed descent with modification from founder populations.


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