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Friday, November 16, 2018

Alan Fox- Proud to be Willfully Ignorant

Earth to Alan Fox- Intelligent Design has more evidence and science than your position will ever have. Unlike Alan's position ID makes testable claims. Unlike Alan's position ID has the evidence to support its claims.

The point? Alan's ignorant spewage:
There is no ID. There never was, beyond a snappy title. There was only ever sleight-of-hand.
Nice projection you ignorant sow, Alan. Unfortunately for him, Alan could never support what he says about ID. Alan could never show that evolutionism is science. And Alan will always be a waste of skin looking for a soundbite to post.

Dumbass "Acartia" chimes in with its ignorance:
If ID were to concede that all life evolved without intelligent intervention after the initial life form arrived (either by design or not) then they could possibly be unified.
That is what Dr Behe says. And with YEC after the original life forms where here all extant life evolved from them. So according to Acartia they should be unified


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