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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Some Confusion about the Lederberg Experiment

The Lederberg experiment- the one with bacteria and antibiotics- demonstrated that the population already had the resistance before the antibiotic was applied. That means the change was not in direct response to the antibiotic. OK so far.

The problem arises when people say that the change was not driven by the environment. Bacteria communicate- that is a fact borne out by scientific research. That communication is done via chemical signaling. That chemical signaling is part of the environment. That means it is very possible that the change that afforded the antibiotic resistance was in accordance with that communication, ie the environment.

If it is all about survival of the population that would make sense as bacteria just need one to survive to carry on. More than one is always a good thing, too. Variety is the key here.

What is the alternative explanation? It just happened for no reason? Really?


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