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Friday, March 23, 2018

Earth to GlenDavidson: The Genetic Code

The TARD never stops over on TSZ. Now we have the blessed and very special GlenDavidson saying:
Of course it’s not a symbolic code, it’s a chemical code that works by chemical interactions.
That bit of easily refutable nonsense refers to the genetic code. And of course the genetic code is a symbolic code. The mRNA codons represent their respective amino acids and do not become them via ant physico-chemical process. That means the mRNA codons are the symbols for the amino acids. That is why the process of making the proteins is called translation. The mRNA symbols are translated into the working polypeptide. The ribosome is a genetic compiler. It takes the source code in and puts out the protein object code.

It is a symbolic code and although it involves chemical reactions it is not reducible to them. Codes don't just make themselves and then make the machinery to carry it out.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Alan Fox- Proud to be a Lying Ass

Alan Fox is at it again. He continues to spew nonsense about ID even in the face of the evidence that proves otherwise. His latest nonsense:

I don’t see much future in a discussion on ID as science. It fails the hypothesis test in not having one. First find your hypothesis, then get back to me!

Testing Intelligent Design - It's right there on TSZ, Alan. And it is more than you and yours can muster for your lame position.

Alan Fox- just another willfully ignorant coward