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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

More Ignorance from TSZ

A poster named Rumraket is a special type of TARD. It now spews that genetic algorithms model natural selection.
The method has been used to design things like windmill propellers, aircraft wings, spacecraft antennae and who knows what else.
See for example this link where a Darwinian algorithm was used to evolve a very efficient spacecraft antenna design:
Or here where a similar process was used to evolve a very efficient aircraft design: Parametric Study of a Genetic Algorithm using a Aircraft Design Optimization Problem.
So human designers DO apply the natural selection method, because it IS feasible.
Except that is all wrong. Those algorithms have pre-specified goals and are given the coding and resources to reach those goals. Natural selection doesn't have any goals beyond survival or elimination. All of those algorithms are intelligently designed to produce specific results. Natural selection isn't like that at all. The antenna algorithm was going to produce the antenna is was designed to produce and nothing else.

Genetic algorithms are clearly a case of evolution by means of intelligent design. Only a desperate and willfully ignorant person would say they apply the natural selection method.


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