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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This Just In- EvoTARD Alert!

OK hold on to something- I was just told that the first step of a process is NOT included in the process. For example the first step of natural selection is random, as in happenstance, variation. Yet when I told Dave Mullenix that natural selection includes variation and it was the first step of NS he told me:
Ah, there's the problem. You misunderstand how evolution works, then you criticise that mistaken version.
The real first strep is mutation, which provides a slightly altered genome.
OK so the "real" first step isn't variation, it's mutation- which is what causes the variation. He sure did show me, eh?

Then when I provided Ernst Mayr supporting my claim, Dave retorts:
Notice that the FIRST STEP is variation and the SECOND STEP is natural selection.
What I had originally said:
Natural selection includes the variation- it is the first step of NS. 
So according to Davey Mullenix the first step of a process is not included in the process.

And they call us IDiots...


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