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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Alan Fox is Proudly Ignorant of Nested Hierarchies

The TSZ ilk are a bunch of clueless retards. Now Alan Fox spews:
The nested hierarchy is a necessary consequence of branching descent from a common ancestror.
Bullshit. I know that is what evoTARDs say but I also know they cannot support that claim.

Look, morons, just because a nested hierarchy can be depicted as a branching diagram doesn't mean that branching processes produces a nested hierarchy. There are rules that have to be followed for a nested hierarchy. One rule is each level consists of and contains lower levels (that is until you get to the last level). And you do NOT get that by mere branching descent. A family tree is not a nested hierarchy and guess what? It represents branching descent from common ancestors!

Again, with branching descent defining characteristics can be lost. And once lost any nested hierarchy will also be lost if it is based on defining characteristics. Denton went over that in "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis".

Also Alan's claim is NOT supported by peer-review. See Know, The use of hierarchies as organizational models in systematics.

Alan also spews this bit of willful ignorance:
That there is no scientific theory of design, with entailments, that makes falsifiable predictions?.

And yet we have said exactly how to test ID and what will falsify it. Your willful ignorance, while amusing, is meaningless, Alan.

Now I know why I was banned from TSZ- I kept correcting their ignorance and it finally got to them. This way they can spew their ignorance without having to deal with the facts.


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