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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Climate Change: Vindicated- The Number One Cause is

Animal agriculture:

I knew I was missing something when I said and have always maintained that AGW is bullshit. I though about the impact of cities and their urban heat island effect. I knew it factored in and was most likely the biggest factor, but I was stuck in a box- the fossil fuel burning CO2 box. Now I have broken free of that claptrap.

Animal agriculture is the NUMBER 1 cause of (human induced) climate change BY FAR! The amount of land it takes up; the amount of resources, especially fresh water, it drains; the amount of deforestation that goes on to sustain it; the amount of waste it creates; and the amount of greenhouse gasses it produces far exceeds everything else we do.

Humans and our animals now make up about 98% of the animal biomass. Burning fossil fuels dwarves in comparison to the environmental havoc and damage animal agriculture causes.

Our bullshit eating practices are killing us from the inside and from the outside. The cause of diabetes is a diet rich in animal fat. The fat lines the cells and blocks the intake of the sugars. The sugars then accumulate in the blood stream and bidda-bing, bidda-boom, diabetes.

The runoff from this industry is what is killing our oceans. The greenhouse gasses produced by this industry surpass what all our artificial emissions produce. The sheer amount of shit produced boggles the mind and pollutes our waters and lands.

In 1979 I stopped eating meat because of the way the animals were treated and for health reasons. I never really grasped what our eating habits did to the planet.

It is very telling that Al Gore doesn't bring this up


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