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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why Histone Octamers are a Problem for Junk DNA Enthusiaists

Junk DNA is bein g discussed over on the skeptical zone. In the discussion Larry Moran made the claim that 90% of the human genome is junk and he could get a human to develop using just his chosen 10%. He says the junk has accumulated over the illions of generations since eukaryotes arose.

However there is a problem with that. The problem are the histone octamers used as spools which DNA is wound around to package it in the nucleus. Without the added 90% junk they wouldn't be required. But with all of that junk it wouldn't be possible to package it within the nucleus without the histone octamer spools.

So how did blind and mindless processes figure this out and create the spools to solve the problem? Whoops, the problem isn't just the spools, the spools are active as the DNA moves around them to get exposed and align with other sequences on other histone spools. How did blind and mindless processes pull that off?

Unfortunately Larry went away and didn't answer to this. What the hell was he going to say, anyway?


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