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Thursday, January 19, 2017

How NOT to Understand a Book

Over on TSZ I am having a discussion with a clueless moron that goes by Robin. Robin actually said that he/ she didn't have to read a book to review it, he/she just had to read the (negative) reviews of it in order to understand what the book was about and if it had any merit. Read it here-

I said- You never read the book so your opinion is meaningless.
Enter Robin- This would be an example of KF’s favorite attack: an oil of adhominem soaked strawman.
Whether I’ve read the book does not invalidate any opinion and knowledge I gain from reading reviews of a book and criticisms of author. And since my argument is based on the fact that the book is not actually science, isn’t presented as peer-reviewed research in a scientific publication, and isn’t accepted by the scientific community as science, the actual content of the book is irrelevant to the point.
Plain and simple: it isn’t science; it’s special pleading by question begging.
 1- It is a fact that if you haven't read the book and only the negative reviews then your opinion of the book is meaningless. It's just desperation to try to argue otherwise
2- Reading only the negative reviews- negative reviews which have been totally rebutted- and using them to review a book is intellectual cowardice and yet Robin seems to be proud of it.
3- Everything in the book is based on science, including the original research of Gonzalez. Everything they wrote is based on scientific discoveries
4- The book did something that you said didn't exist- it argued for ID and against blind and mindless processes producing the earth/ moon and solar system
5- Anyone who thinks it is science saying our system is just the result of cosmic collisions being somehow just-so sorted out by gravity, is on a materialistic/ dogmatic agenda

Point 4, in case you didn't know, was why Robin could dismiss arguments against blind watchmaker evolution- after all we didn't argue against blind and mindless processes producing the earth/ moon and solar system. That's right- arguments against evolutionism are moot because we don't argue against any other aspect of methodological naturalism. That is not only wrong but another example of intellectual cowardice. And this butt-plug is proud of it.

It is sad when people won't even take the time to actually learn about the position they are arguing against.


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