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Monday, January 23, 2017

Challenge Issued- No One Accepts- Cowardice? You decide

Back on January 17 a challenge was issued over on the skeptical zone:

I have a challenge for those who want me banned:
A debate on the merits of ID vs evolution by means of blind and mindless processes- see Coyne's description
For example my opponent will have to say how to test the claim that vision systems evolved by means of those blind and mindless processes and I will have to say how we determined vision systems were intelligently designed.
If I lose or cannot support ID I will leave. If you lose or cannot support your position, you leave
No one has taken up the challenge. I say it's due to cowardice because they know they cannot come close to meeting the challenge. And yet they insist they are the defenders of science.

I used to wonder how they can sleep at night but then I remembered that ignorance is bliss.


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