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Friday, February 19, 2016

RichardTHughes is an Ignorant Asshole and Proud of it

Yup, he is at it again. Read the ignorant spewage:

 CSI (the S part) is defined as existing if natural explanations are ruled out.
That is incorrect and proves Richie is a willfully ignorant asshole. CSI exists regardless of what caused it- See Dembski, "No Free Lunch" 2004. It is just that every time we have observed CSI and knew the cause it has always been via an intelligent agency. Add to that the fact that no one even knows how to test the claim that mother nature can produce CSI and we get a design inference.

Not even in Dembski's 2005 paper on "Specification" is there anything that says what Richie spews. The point of that paper was to see if specification alone can be used to warrant a design inference. And that is where what Richie says comes into play. Specification only warrants a design inference once stochastic processes have been ruled out for its existence.

However Richie is way too stupid to understand that.


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