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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kevin McCarthy- Clueless Pinhead

In a new blog post Kevin spews:
I’m over 70,000 words in and basically finished explaining how genetics actually works. 
Earth to Kevin- you are too stupid to explain how genetics actually work. You are not a geneticist. You are not a biologist. The best that you can do wrt to genetics is parrot what the experts have already written. And it is a given that you don't grasp much of that. Heck just a few years ago Kevin was too stupid to grasp the genetics pertaining to the alleged transition to humans. Humans have 46 chromosomes and chimps have 48. One chromosome allegedly fused and upon mating with a like organism without the fusion the offspring would have had 47. Kevin fought and fought against that until someone he trusted corrected him.

Heck it is a given that Kevin doesn't understand why gene binding sites has to be hundreds to thousands of nucleotides away from the gene in eukaryotes. It has to do with the way the DNA is coiled. Once coiled the binding site actually ends up next to the gene. The alleged junk DNA helps make that so.

Kevin is also a psychic as further down he spews:
In the US, when a legislator says “students should be allowed to make up their own mind”, what they really mean is “students should be taught that evolution is wrong and the Bible is correct”.
Kevin knows bullshit. That is about it. Kevin is too stupid to grasp that ID is not anti-evolution. He is too stupid to grasp the fact that being anti blind watchmaker evolution (a term he thinks is a strawman even though Dawkins, someone who understands evolution more than Kevin ever will, coined the term and its meaning) does not make it anti-evolution. Kevin is the worst type of enemy of science- the type that refuses to listen to the facts and doesn't give a shit about evidence. And Kevin refuses to examine his chosen belief with the same scrutiny that he examines the material he disagrees with

I agree with Kevin in that students should not be able to make up their minds as to what they want to be taught. However I urge all students to challenge their teachers who spew the gospel of evolutionism. Ask your teachers how to test the claims of evolutionism. Ask them how to test the claim that ATP synthase evolved via natural selection, drift and neutral construction. And then tell the teachers if it cannot be tested it isn't science and does not belong in a science classroom.


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