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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Richie Hughes- Liar and Equivocator Extraordinaire

Yeah, I know this doesn't come as any surprise but Richie Tardboy Hughes is back spewing lies and equivocations. Take a look:
We looked at evolution, and were so impressed we made genetic algorithms. These algorithms work incredibly well, and can take information from their environment and generate new information within themselves.
Genetic algorithms model directed evolution and not natural selection and drift. Also they can only generate what they were programmed to generate meaning all the information was there from the get go. Richie is equivocating "evolution" with "natural selection and drift"

Now for the lie:
Even your Mungs and Joe Gs have effectively retreated to OOL, claiming that that is an insurmountable hurdle to ‘bootstrap’.
All I have said is that without explaining the OoL you cannot say that blind and undirected processes produced the diversity of life. The observed IC structures that rule biology are, by themselves, still  an insurmountable hurdle to natural selection and drift.

Unfortunately Richie the cupcake Hughes is either too stupid or too deceitful to understand any of that.


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