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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Richard T. Hughes- Willfully Ignorant and Proud of it

It doesn't matter how many times Newton's four rules of scientific investigation, Occam's Razor and parsimony are explained to Richie, he still manages to ignore it all. He also loves to equivocate. Case in point-> Over on TSZ The cupcake spews:
Sal, have you read WEIT? How much of it is a negative case against design? Compare that to ID and how much is a negative case against evolution.
1. ID is not a negative case against evolution. ID is not anti-evolution.

2. Science mandates that  that purely materialistic processes, such as those posited by evolutionism, be eliminated first. It is also the flow of the explanatory filter.

Unfortunately Richie will continue to do this because he is a pathological asshole.


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